MIL-Shelters for Rapid Deploy Multi-Use Military Shelters

MIL-Shelter Training Units

Choose Mil-Shelters by MIL-Spec Group when a portable, blast resistant shelters are required. Mil-Shelter Units are made in the USA and pre-engineered for strength. The Mil-Shelter Training Unit System is designed to be quickly assembled for temporary or permanent exercises. Mil-Shelter Units can be configured to the desired specifications for simulated training facilities such as fire-resistance and blast-resistance. If your placement needs change, they can be easily relocated or expanded. Furthermore, our Mil-Shelter Units can be hand-carried or can be designed to be air-lifted should the need arise.

The MIL-Spec Group team has past performance contracts for supply and install for Forward Operating Bases, Search Houses, Blast Houses, Guard Towers, Security Walls, Utility Buildings and Storage Facilities.


Forward Operating Base - Completed 2013

West Side FOB Diagram West Side FOB Completed 2103


MIL-Shelter Features Include:

  • Superior Structural Integrity
  • Highly Blast Resistant
  • Built as Temporary to Permanent Structures
  • Relocatable, with Lift or Manual
  • Optional Exterior and Interior Finishes
  • Easy Cam-Lock Assembly
  • Multiple "Skin" Options


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