MIL-Shelters for Rapid Deploy Multi-Use Military Shelters

Consulting Services

In need of a Modular Panel System Professional Panel Consultant?

We understand that sometimes to implement a plan, you might need assistance, especially if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Whether you are just beginning your Modular Building project, in negotiations, seeking investors or in the process of final inspections, you might realize you need a little help. The MIL-Spec Group provides this assitance. Our project consultation service is available on an hourly or per project basis for our clients, the architect, designer, general contractor and subcontractors. Modular Building system consultations are available for, but not limited to:

  • Panel Factory Start-ups
  • Modular Building Project analysis & feasibility
  • Design review and consultation
  • Competitive bid and review process
  • Technical support throughout the installation of the odular structure
  • New product design and Prototyping

The MIL-Spec Group Team Qualifications:

  • We are directly connected to industry professionals in the Modular Building and Military sectors
  • 35 years of Commercial construction experience plus residential, historical and industrial
  • Contracting history with Fortune 500 companies
  • Researched the Structural Insulated Panel market for six years before determining the highest standards for Panels based upon manufacture, production and testing.

With decades worth of construction background and a team of hand-picked seasoned professionals, you can feel confident that the MIL-Spec Group is the company to call for all of your Modular project consulting requests.


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