MIL-Shelters for Rapid Deploy Multi-Use Military Shelters


Although MIL-Shelter Units are naturally blast resistant, there are many instances where additional blast mitigation is needed. MIL-Shelter Units can can be fabricated with bullet resistant panels manufactured in various thicknesses in order to adequately meet the desired threat level of your project. Reinforced MIL-Shelter Units deliver reliable and predictable blast mitigation performance.

MIL-Shelter Unit with Ballistic Enhancements:

  • Reliable blast threat protection
  • Lightweight, cost-effective solution
  • Meet or exceed GSA blast performance standards
  • Composite construction eliminates the need for steel rebar reinforcement
  • Custom designs based on sizes and NIJ threat levels 1-8
  • Quickly and easily installed in new, retrofit and modular applications
  • Ability to accept pigments and surface finishes


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