MIL-Shelters for Rapid Deploy Multi-Use Military Shelters

Mil-Shelter Units

Standard Mil-Shelter Units are flat-pack and assemble quickly into permanent modular structures. Mil-Shelters can be joined together to make large, open plans or can stand-alone as living accommodations or office shelters.

Our Team has a history of contracts for Training Units, Search Houses, Blast Houses, Milcon Developments, Utility Buildings, Office Complexes and Storage Facilities. Mil-Shelters are constructed using custom or stock Greenix® Panels and the Mil-Shelter Easy-assembly Cam-locking system.

The MIL-Shelter System provides flexible options for:

  • Designing permanent or modular breakdown designs
  • Easy assembly by non-experienced military personnel
  • Assemble/de-assemble and transport using basic equipment
  • Transport via manpower crews that can lift and relocate

The MIL-Shelter System can be customized as a standalone product in almost any application when 3-stories or less is required, yet may be used in structures above 3-stories with the proper engineering.




   modular medical facility  Mil-Shelter/160 Packed for Shipment


Custom Units developed for special projects:

  • Temporary Housing
  • Office Units
  • Energy Efficient Housing
  • Training Structures
  • Zero-Grid Units
  • Communications Units
  • Modular Housing & Shelters
  • Field Hospitals

The Mil-Shelter Easy Assembly Cam-Lock System provides a sure, tight fit between panels. The lock requires only a hex wrench or socket to operate. As the lock is engaged a gradual seal and panel alignment occurs. This provides a more accurate seal between the panels. Should the Unit need relocation the cam-lock process is easy to reverse. Mil-Shelter Units can be taken apart as easily as they are put together

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