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Green Building and Retrofits

Retrofit: The application of additional insulation over existing insulation, new insulation if old insulation has been removed, or new insulation over existing, previously uninsulated surfaces. The MIL-Spec Group can assist with providing the Panels to retrofit your existing structure to meet necessary green building R-Value requirements.

Retrofit Insulated Panels Benefits and Features Include:

  • Retrofit Insulated Panels provide a tight building envelope
  • Reduces thermal bridging
  • Reduces or eliminates air leakage
  • A tight building envelope provides the greatest energy‐efficiency improvement
  • Easily integrated with other insulation systems
  • Easier to get a perfect installation from the outside than the inside
  • Many sizes and thickness available
  • Optional Exterior and Interior Finishes
  • Multiple "Skin" options for visual appearance
  • Provides naiilbase for siding installation


A 2003 study from Harvard University's School of Public Health shows that if the 46 million existing single-family homes in the United States that have inadequate insulation were retrofitted with additional insulation to meet the 2000 IECC, the benefits would include 240 fewer premature deaths, 6,500 fewer asthma attacks and 110,000 fewer restricted activity days per year.

This translates into a potential savings of $1.3 billion per year in averted costs such as health care, and $5.9 billion per year in additional savings associated with reduced energy consumption, paying back the initial cost of the insulation in about six years.


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