MIL-Shelters for Rapid Deploy Multi-Use Military Shelters

Modular Military Units

Modular Military MIL-Shelter Units can be adapted to suit a range of field requirements accommodating one man to thirty.  The shelters can be designed and scaled to suit any size of workforce and a variety of climatic conditions, and may be transported to remote sites around the world.  If placement needs change, MIL-Shelters can be easily relocated or expanded.  Furthermore, our Mil-Shelter Units can be hand-carried or can be designed to be air-lifted should the need arise.

MIL-Shelter Units are the ideal choice to assemble on site speed and efficiency. Choose Mil-Shelters when a portable, blast resistant shelter is required. Mil-Shelter Units are made in the USA and pre-engineered for strength.

Additional Benefits and Features Include:

  • Superior Structural Integrity
  • Scalable, Configurable
  • Highly Blast Resistant
  • Built as Temporary to Permanent Structures
  • Relocatable, with Lift or Manual
  • Optional Exterior and Interior Finishes
  • Multiple "Skin" Options for optimum geographical performance




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